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MGC Course Programme

Practical Linux 

Date: in 2018 the course will be given on the following dates: (Note: the edition of 4 July is cancelled!) 5 September, 31 October, and in December (t.b.c), from 13:00 - 17:00 h Location: LUMC, Leiden - Organizer: Mihai Lefter

After completing this short, half day, course attendees will be able to swiftly start using Linux both on a server as well as on their personal computer.

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Next Generation Sequencing data analysis

Date: 27 - 29 August, 2018, from 9:00 - 17:00 hr, Location: LUMC, Building 1, CZ-3 and computerrooms 1-82 and J1-83 - Organizer: Jeroen Laros and Mihai Lefter

This course aims at PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers who are interested in planning, or already working with next-generation sequencing. We welcome researchers from both the genomics and bioinformatics fields. Currently available technologies as well as hardware solutions will be presented and discussed. The focus of the course will be on data and ways to analyse the data.

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Code and Data Management with Git

Date: next edition 12 September, from 9:00 - 15:00 hr,  Location: LUMC, Building 1, Leiden - Organizer: Mihai Lefter                                     

The course aims at everyone who works in the Bioinformatics field. Knowledge of Linux is required to attend this course.

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Python Programming

Date: next edition 23 - 26 October, 4 days, lectures in the monings and SSA in the afternoons N.B.: this course will be postponed to November; the exact dates will follow in due time, Location: LUMC, Building 1, Leiden - Organizer: Mihai Lefter

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Basic and Translational Oncology 

Date: 8 - 12 October, 2018, Location: Erasmus MC - Organizers: Monique den Boer, Reno Debets, Peter Devilee, Frank van Vliet 

The program is set up logically in 5 steps, one step a day: 1.Pathology, diagnostics & pathways in cancer; 2.Biology of the cancer cell: Genetics; 3.Invasion, metastasis & inflammation; 4.Tumor Immunology; Clinical practice: targeted therapies; 5.Epidemiology of cancer; personalised medicine; end-of-life interventions 

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Safely working in the Laboratory

Date: 10 October , 2018, from from 9:00 - 15:00 hr, Location: LUMC, Building 1, room J1-116 - Organizer: Fred van Dam

This one day course provides guidelines for the objective assessment of risks in laboratory and, based on this knowledge, the application of the right measures according to the occupational hygiene strategy. On the one hand this is a refresher course, but on the other hand it will become clear to the participant which technical and organizational measures have been taken within the hospital and LUMC in specific to perform research responsibly

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Workshop Animated Science: Explaining research to a broad audience in a short video

Date: 30 October (afternoon) - 13 November  - 4 December (afternoon), Location: LUMC - Organizers: Astrid Smit and Bruno Wayenburg

Youtube videos including animation are an effective and fun way to communicate science to a general audience or a broader audience than your direct colleagues. Technical bits that are hard to explain in language alone, can be crystal clear in language accompanied by moving images. But how to make an animation which is entertaining as well as crystal clear? This course will teach you the fundamentals. Together with a course mate you will be finishing your first animated research animation.

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From Molecular Pathogenesis to Targeted Therapy

Date: 31 October - 2 November, 2018, Location: LUMC - Organizers: Prof.dr. P. ten Dijke and dr. H. van Dam

The course will involve state of the art lectures on signaling, molecular pathogenesis and targeted therapy by experts in the field. Subjects: Signaling pathways,  ageing, metabolic diseases and cancer Inflammation, growth control, stem cells and cancer personalized medicine, targeted therapy and imaging.

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Erasmus Optical Imaging Centre- OIC organizes the course "Functional imaging and super resolution"

 Date: 5-9 November, Location: Erasmus MC - Organizers: Adriaan Houtsmuller, Gert van Cappellen, Gert-Jan Kremers, Erasmus OIC

The course will give an overview and increase your knowledge of the rapidly developing advanced imaging methods and how they can support you during your research.

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Protein aggregation disorders: from clinic to therapy    (new in 2018)

Date: 21 - 22 November, 2018  (next edition 2020), location: LUMC - Organizers: Willeke Roon-Mom1 , Ronald Buijsen1 , Renate Hukema - Felten2 , Wim Mandemakers2 , Vered Raz1 (1 Human Genetics, Leiden University Medical Centre 2 Erasmus Medical Centre)

This course will discuss the main molecular mechanisms regulating protein homeostasis and protein folding with a focus a mechanistic foundation in protein aggregation disorders. We will focus on four selected diseases and will discuss genetic, clinic, and current knowledge of disease mechanisms and models for examples. The end point of this course will be development of novel therapeutic strategies to combat protein aggregation in pathological conditions. 

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Stem Cells, Organoids and Regenerative Medicine   (new in   2018) 

Date: 27 - 30 November, 2018 (next edition 2020), Location: Erasmus MC - Organizers: Joost Gribnau

Goal of this course is to provide post-graduate students (PhD students and post-docs) an comprehensive overview of stem cells, organoids and regenerative medicine by expert lecture in this field. They will learn about concepts, techniques and (future) medical applications (Knowledge and skills). Moreover there will be plenty opportunity of students to get to know each other and to present/discuss their own research projects (Communication skills and Networking).

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